Director General of Clinics

Outpatient clinics are one of the most important pillars in the Faculty of Oral and Dental medicine at al-Tahadi Medical University, where the clinical part is the spring nerve of each faculty of dentistry and receives the clinics in its departments daily and in the form of the groups of the fourth and third academic years and the addition To the Year of excellence with a rotational rotating time so that the interest in the maximum of its images and provide all the services of clinics of detection and treatments for the gums and Surgery and fixed and mobile structures almost free according to the highest standards of quality in sterilization and the latest tools and materials.

Within the framework of the community services and free treatment provided by the university clinics to the citizens, the university has about 40 clinics that provide daily services for about 200 patients daily, these cases are distributed in about 5 cases per clinic, divided by eight different scientific departments, given a nominal fee not Remember, this brings to 100% free support from the value of high-cost dental and department treatments worldwide.
In addition to the high free screening of the members of many schools and civil society institutions and the nursing home through a medical form of university clinics and visits those institutions according to a pre-prepared scientific program.